Solutions for TuentiContest using C#

Last week I tried solving Tuenti’s 1st programming contest, but even the challenges were somewhat easy and fun to solve, I got increasily busy with work-related things and had to drop. Now I have published on CodePlex the solutions for challenges 1 to 6, solved using C# and .NET 4.0. So, if you want to take a look or just see how other people figured it, give them a try. The current upload is hasty, “as-is” code, and I’ll try to comment it and/or minimally document in the following days.

Reviving XNAnimation

Finally I have taken over the development of XNAnimation library. For now I’ve only converted the project to VS2008/XNA 3.1 and added some basic functions to the AnimationController class. Next releases will be oriented to bug fixing, and then new features will be added (suggestions are welcome!).

Many thanks to Bruno Evangelista, original developer, for giving me permissions at the CodePlex project. Hope I can be at your level 🙂